Turn on Speed with Porotherm Profi

Are you ready to face the changes? Are you ready to meet the groundbraking building system?

The Wienerberger innovative masonry technology Porotherm Profi Dryfix Extra already exists.



» No water consumption and less dust

» Immediate clean surface walls

» Even surface, no levelling

» Short curing time



» Apply faster with the “plug & spray”

» Prolonged construction season

» Work from -5°C to +35°C 

» A no water process



» Еxcellent thermal insulation properties

» No mortar or glue mortar surpluses

» Small set of tools needed

» No more making mortar 

Porotherm Profi Dryfix Extra - a groundbreaking technique for building

Porotherm Profi Dryfix Extra
Porotherm Profi Dryfix Extra System

Тhe last two decades were marked with great innovation in the field of construction. The brick as a basic building element undergoes serious changes and turns into a clay block with a tongue and groove connection. Clay blocks can be put down quickly and effortlessly. This saves time for builders and craftsmen.

However, the new era in the construction comes namely with the Porotherm Profi Dryfix Extra system. Wienerberger introduces a groundbreaking technique for building interior walls with Porotherm glue bricks. Just like when gluing with adhesive mortar, these flat-ground quick building blocks are also glued horizontally to each other. The vertical joints are realized by means of a tongue and groove connection. The difference with glue mortar? Porotherm Dryfix is ​​not cement-bound. It is a PU adhesive in aerosols that is applied with a universal spray gun.  The new system provides plenty of advantages that are going to change our ideas about how to build masonry walls.


Dryfix Extra PU adhesive - a new era in masonry

porotherm dryfix system
Porotherm Profi Dryfix Extra
  • One-component PU adhesive
  • Solution temperature resistance from -40°С up to +100°С
  • Compressive strength tested
  • Shear strength test
  • Seismic loads durability
  • Fireproof
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Safe for health

Calculate the materials

Wienerberger BG online calculator; a hand holding iphone with the app opened
Wall calculator

The wall online calculator is an instrument with integrated formulas according to the Bulgarian legislation. You can use it to:

  • Calculate on your own the price for outer walls
  • Choose and compare the neccessary materials for achieving the optimal heat transfer coefficient
  • Download your offer in excell format
  • There is a main version of the calculator intended for end customers and an extended version for construction experts and investors

Take an easy and fast look at the Porotherm prices. More details about the calculation methods and functions can be found here.



Porotherm Profi Testimonial
Our customers talking

"When I started to build a house in Ravadinovo I needed a solution for fast and beautiful wall construction as I had the intention to leave the bricks visible inside. The local distributor gave me contacts of the Wienerberger sales representative for the region. I chose Porotherm Profi due to its advantages - high quality, even and clean wall, fast construction. I used namely this product as I was searching for an excellent result for my interior space. Moreover with Porotherm Profi I took the advantage of full system solutions.

I was strongly impressed not only by the good product characteristics but also by the consultation I received during some important moments of the construction. Last but not least, the builders I had hired were also impressed by the used materials.

I would recommend the Porotherm Profi brand for the high quality and the acceptable price of the final product."

Zlatko Dzhungurov, investor

More testimonials you can find here

2X faster building with Porotherm Profi


Porotherm Profi човекочасове
Porotherm Profi manpower
Shorter deadlines for construction due to:
  • One system solution, which includes all necessary components for the construction - clay blocks and PU adhesive
  • No additional supporting activities needed (mortar preparation and servicing, horizontal and vertical mortar transportation etc.)
  • Faster clean-up at the end of the working day (no maintenance of roller trays, buckets, tubs, mortar mixers, etc.), just clean the nozzle with Dryfix cleaner
  • Easy and clean working process - the working process can be stopped and renewed when necessary without glue loss
  • No water consumption, no electricity for mortar preparation
  • Twice faster construction when compared to the conventional method

More efficient construction with Porotherm Profi

How do you actually save?

Porotherm Profi норма на материалите
Material consumption

The system solution consists of all necessary components for the construction - clay blocks and PU adhesive.

When choosing to work with Porotherm Profi the investors decrease the initial project investment:

  • No additional working activities (no mortar preparation and monitoring, no transportation - horizontal and vertical) - the cost for the mortar transportation is cut off
  • The construction waste transportation cost is cut off
  • Minimal costs for water, electricity and mechanization
  • No reporting of the construction project to the Construction Waste Management Plan
  • Space saving packaging - light and easy for disposal
  • Decrease of the transportation costs - 100 trucks with mortar are equal to one truck with PU adhesive for one and the same working surface

Prolonged construction season with Porotherm Profi

How can we achieve it?

Porotherm Profi удължен сезон
Weather independence

The Porotherm Profi Dryfix Extra System sets the beginning of a new era in the construction process.

What is most revolutionary about the system is the lack of use of water.

This significantly changes the masonry process and gives additional opportunities for building even at extreme heat or cold thus prolonging the construction season.

  • The PU adhesive Dryfix Extra allows work from -5°C up to +35°C
  • Working even when temperatures are below zero gives additionaol two months to the process of construction
  • Actually short work interruptions are possible only with extreme low temperatures - below -5°С
  • No water, no drying out time - the building is ready once the masonry is finished

The Porotherm Profi Dryfix Extra System in action

  • Even surface without levelling
  • No water process
  • Clean surface walls
  • Few tools needed
  • No mortar or glue surpluses
  • Weather independence
  • More compact

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